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Cool Identity Theft Coverage photos

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Have a look at these identity theft defense photos:

Eye I. By Thomas Tolkien
identity theft defense
Image by Thomas Tolkien
As seen by me.
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Copyright Tom Tolkien. By using this image in imaginative Commons permit, please feature the picture with a name credit and a link to my website. As an example: "Photo by Tom Tolkien".

Computer Security
identity theft security
Image by IntelFreePress
Maintaining your Computer’s anti-virus computer software updated will not guarantee you of not getting infected, nonetheless it’ll definitely make life more difficult for malware representatives and hackers.

Intel Complimentary Press story: 10 Web Browsing Security Fables, Busted. Your computer might not be since shielded as you think against spyware and viruses.

PayPal Identity Theft Checklist
identity theft security
Image by
We have created an useful list with some easy steps, so you can be reminded of safe web techniques.
It is possible to download the checklist by going to the Identity coverage Checklist PDF.…