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Good Prepaid Bank card images

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Some trendy prepaid charge card images:

Yanke Doodle Data
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< img alt=" pre paid bank card" src="" size=" 400"/ > Image by< a href= "" > Graham Ballantyne We took a trip southern today in component to get a number of AT&T Micro-SIM cards for our 3G iPads. The procedure for obtaining data in the states on a Canadian iPad is somewhat straightforward:

1. Most likely to the US. Ideally you have a much better excuse to tell the boundary guard than “” going to the AT&T store””
. 2. Go to an AT&T shop. I do not know “if” certified retailers” “have Micro-SIMs; we mosted likely to the
< a href=",+Bellingham,+WA+98226&sll=49.252339,-123.046076&sspn=0.013222,0.027187&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=4291+Guide+Meridian+Rd,+Bellingham,+Whatcom,+Washington+98226,+United+States&z=17 "rel= "nofollow "> firm shop in Bellingham.
3. Exchange dull, funny-looking money for a Micro-SIM card. They’re each and also there’s no in-store documentation. 4. Eliminate your Canadian SIM from your iPad as well as place the AT&T card.
Number out how you can save the Canadian SIM without losing it. 5. Go to Settings → Cellular Information. Transform data on and touch shown Account. 6. Full the kind and select your data plan. Accept the terms and also wait on a message to find up”claiming that data is active. 7. Utilize your information. Return to Canada. Aim to show up better excuse to tell the boundary guard than “we mosted likely to the AT&T store”. There’s a rather significant caveat now, one that I hope AT&T discovers a way to take care of: you require to use a United States charge card number as well as a United States address in order to acquire an information strategy. I aren’t sure why they have this limitation; the iPad is opened, so it’s entirely affordable to assume that non-residents will intend to get data for their iPads while in the United States. There’s an easy but annoying workaround if you don’t have US card:

1. Acquisition a prepaid Visa, MasterCard or Amex gift card. I selected one up at Walgreens. Make certain it has the Visa/MC/Amex logo design on it. They all have “”activation costs””; the quantity depends upon the worth of the card however the ones in the rack at Walgreens were all -5.
2. Use your hotel address, or some various other valid US postal address. I utilized the address of the AT&T store where we got the Micro-SIMs, which was helpfully published on the invoice (and mis-spelled):
4291 Guide Meridian Road, Bellingham, WA 98226.

The guidelines on the Visa card claimed that it may take up to 24-HOUR for funds to be readily available on the card, however it functioned within a half-hour of purchase. The initial effort really did not go via; either I fat-fingered the number or it objected to me placing my genuine name as the cardholder name. When I tried once more with “” A PRESENT FOR YOU” “(which appears on the card) as the name, it went through A-OK.

It appears that you can manage the settings for the account from a wifi connection as long as the SIM is placed into the iPad; this readies due to the fact that you can cancel the reoccuring settlement once you obtain residence and are not attached to AT&T. I have wifi on as well as mobile information turned off now and can manage the account from the device.

Online Gamings in Japan
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< img alt="pre-paid charge card"src=""size="400"/ > Image by Steve Nagata In Yodobashi Camera in Akiba currently as well as saw this wall surface of prepaid cards for Japanese on-line video games.
Charge card are quite rare for kids in Japan so it a lot easier to collect customers making use of pre paid cards. These cards can be made use of to pay month-to-month costs, include cedits to buy stuff online or download special uncommon contents.
Also a whole lot of individuals choose to collect the cards themselves as they have wonderful images of personalities on them. I do not play any online games myself however I assume it might be enjoyable if I have more time.

Do you have any game referrals?

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< img alt="prepaid charge card"src =""width ="400"/ > Photo by Ars Electronica
Image showing traffic jam by Julian Reil (AT).

Julian Reil’s bottleneck is a digital and also interactive variation of the great old message in a container. 2 LED-displays are linked by means of an Arduino-microcontroller with a GSM/GPRS-module as well as a prepaid-card is installed. In contrast to a typical message in the container, the message could be put in the bottle after it was closed.

credit history: Robertba

Cool Prepaid Credit Card images

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A few nice prepaid credit card images I found:

#105 Suica rechargeable IO (イオ) card for JR East
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Image by Nemo’s great uncle
This non-contact (RFID) IC card ("smart card") holds up to ¥20,000 in electronic money ("e-cash") for JR East train lines [Japanese], kiosks, and other 駅中(ekinaka) facilities inside JR East stations.

"Super Urban Intelligent Card" (Suica, see Wikipedia: Japanese, English (old), Deutsch) is a multi-application platform (based on Sony’s Felica [English] technology*) for JR commuter passes, JR railway tickets, e-cash, building access, and other appliations.

* Other Felica applications include JR West’s ICOCA(イコカ) cards, Bit Wallet’s Edy cards, Kansai’s PiTaPa(ピタパ) card’s, Hong Kong’s Octopus (八達通) cards…

As of October 26, 2004, sales hit 10 million users—which is not all that many when one considers that, as of April 1, 2005, JR East not longer accepts their old prepaid "IO" or "Orange" cards. I had to fork over a ¥500 deposit for this card.

NTT DoCoMo has also come on board, with cell phones incorporating the commuter pass version of the IC. KDDI au, Japan’s #2 cellular operator, will follow in January 2006.

The latest news is that coverage with extend to bus companies in the Kantō Plain in 2006.

There are two ways to "charge" this card: (1) cash at a JR East ticket machine or (2) JR East branded View credit card at a VIEW ALTTE ATM corner or JR East ticket machine with a VIEW sticker.


First the cards were only for JR ticket machines. Next, kiosks and convenience stores inside stations started taking them. Now a Family Mart convenience store hundreds of meters from the nearest JR station it accepts both Suica and the older Quo prepaid cards.

• 西瓜(suika) = lit. "Western melon" = "watermelon"