Monday, November 20, 2017

#8585 brand-new ScubaPro bag

Have a look at these prepaid card pictures:

#8585 new ScubaPro bag
prepaid bank card
Image by Nemo’s great-uncle
Initial had been broken by Northwest Airlines; the next, by Kuroneko Yamato.

Honestly, this is certainly too-big and chunky for domestic usage.

Enhance (2012/02/08):
Kuroneko (黒猫 = "black cat") Yamato is Japan’s archetypical door-to-door package delivery service. (there are certainly others, note.)
• giving my diving equipment round-trip to Okinawa costs just ¥2600, why make an effort lugging it to and from airport on trains (plural)? (Well, finding its way back, there is only the monorail to Naha Airport, and so I can drop it well, prepaid, at airport for possibly faster delivery.)
• giving my scuba diving equipment to Narita Airport (one-way) costs me an additional ¥1000 for "storage"—whether it be for example night or seven. Returning now is easier because i simply walk out of Customs and over to their particular desk.

• 宅配便(takuhaibin) = "overnight bundle delivery service" ← Web shopping only wouldn’t function as same without this and, to an inferior level, credit cards.
• 宅配(takuhai) = "home delivery"
• 宅配ピザ(takuhai piza) = "home pizza delivery"

See where this picture had been taken. [?]

Don’t you believe me?
prepaid charge card
Image by frankieleon


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